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Rhino3D for Marine Canvas - May 2023

A 20-hour course for marine and industrial canvas designers.

  • Starts May 8
  • 500 US dollars
  • Remote

Available spots


This is the class that I wish I had when I first started in the marine canvas industry. We will focus on the industry-specific application of Rhino3D. We will use real-world examples like flooring digitization, 2D canvas patterns, and using 3D data to make canvas patterns. This class is for people with no CAD experience and people using CAD and looking to improve their skills and processes. We will focus primarily on Rhino3D, which is the core of your workflow. We will also look at popular measuring tools, flattening software, and cutting tables to give attendees a holistic view of the process and what steps to take to bring their business to the next level. There will be optional homework assignments each day, and we will go through complete demonstrations of real-world projects to highlight and reinforce critical skills. Rhino3D Topics: Object types Menus Navigating the workspace Viewports 2D Editing Curve Tools Control Points Layers Importing 3D Data Drawing a Wireframe Smoothing Digitized Models Surfacing Flattening Preparing For CNC Cutting Building Templates Layouts Rendering *Introduction to Grasshopper and Rhino.Python if time allows Course Requirements A computer capable of running Zoom and Rhino3D at the same time. Two screens or a widescreen monitor is highly recommended. Rhino3D license - 90-day trial available at Basic computer skills. Comfortable working on the computer, saving and opening files, etc. Previous CAD experience is a plus but not required. Schedule May 8th through May 12th, 8am-12pm Mountain Time We typically take a 15-minute break in the middle and the last 20-30 minutes are reserved for questions or for people to bring their own projects. All sessions are recorded and will be avail