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In 2017 Adam Penner graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Engineering Physics. After working as a designer for a fabricator making marine canvas for a couple of years, he went to work on CNC and automation equipment at SDS Automation. While training hundreds of people across multiple continents and in both English and Spanish, he discovered his passion for making technology work for everyone. 

Utilizing all this experience, we can help take your digital fabrication to the next level. We specialize in taking your manual processes and automating them, combining your artistry and craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques so we can help you work more efficiently and profitably. 


As an Authorized Rhino3D Trainer, Adam can train people of all skill levels, from those who have never opened CAD software before to advanced users. Together we will develop your process to make it faster, more consistent, and easier to train new employees. For more advanced users, we can pursue further customization and write custom programs to automate CAD processes. These programs vary from simple macros to complicated Python programs with custom user interfaces. 

We have also partnered with to bring project management software to our clients. By integrating this with your processes, you get real-time information on workflow, project status, employee workload, and you can set complex automations like emailing a customer when a project is complete and ready for pickup. 

Adam loves a fresh challenge, using his physics background to break problems down into their simplest elements and solve from there. We utilize the tools and experience developed after years in manufacturing along with the skills and craftsmanship of the client. As a lifelong learner, Adam is constantly learning from all of those around him and working to combine and integrate all that knowledge to help our clients. We hope that you reach out, and we look forward to working with you in the future. 

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